Newmarket Trainers’ Directory

Thoroughbred Publishing

Case Study: Newmarket Trainers’ Directory

Client: Thoroughbred Publishing

Tight Deadlines

Zenith Media assigned a local Rep to help with communication between themselves and Thoroughbred Publishing because of the tight deadlines the project faced. The information needed to complete the directories is slow coming, so turnaround time is tight and inflexible.

2000 Copies

Zenith Media provided Thoroughbred Publishing with 2000 printed, Wirobound Directories and Finishing and Estimating services. All Thoroughbred Publishing had to do was to simply provide Zenith Media with the Artwork required. These Directories needed to be delivered on time to difficult locations.

Thoroughbred Publishing are a successful publishing company based in Newmarket, Suffolk. They offer, amongst a variety of other material, a Directory that is provided to all the leading Horse Racing Trainers in Newmarket – the headquarters of Horse Racing!

Thoroughbred Publishing Says....

The all in-house finishing gives us confidence in a quick turnaround. I will continue to use Zenith for the foreseeable future. I have recommended Zenith and have let them advertise for free in my latest Directory.

Thoroughbred Publishing