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Vet Index

Case Study: VET cpd

Client: Vet Index

7000 Copies

The original request was for a 4pp cover plus 64pp text at 7000 copies. As the Vet CPD Journal is distributed nation wide.


In keeping with Vet Index’s keen eye for quality and hands-on approach, Simon required lamination of the covers and for press-passes to be provided on every issue.

Throw-out Sections

Vet Index required additional throw-out sections and supplementary leaflets to be included in their Journal.

The Vet CPD Journal is a specialist, mailed magazine, to help veterinary experts gain further qualifications and keep up to date with news from the industry. The Journal is published from the city of Bath by Vet Index. Vet Index became a customer of in 2010, initially having quarterly Newsletters printed for hundreds of veterinary surgeries based around the UK. In 2013, the Managing Director Simon Guiton approached Zenith Media with an idea to publish a brand new Journal.

VET index Says....

I press pass every issue because quality is essential and this had familiarised me with the staff at Zenith Media. I am very pleased with the service I receive from Zenith Media. Everyone is very helpful, enabling us to consistently produce quality printed journals and newsletters on time and within budget

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