Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

As a responsible printing company, we believe our long-term future is best served by respecting the interests of our stakeholders: Customers, suppliers and the wider community. We look actively for opportunities to improve the environment and to contribute to the wellbeing of the communities affected by our operations. Our CSR policy is intended to demonstrate our commitment to the aforementioned and to communicate our company ethos to our stakeholders.


Human rights and labour standards

Zenith Media have procedures in place to ensure the human rights of our employees are never compromised. This includes not employing child workers, paying at least the minimum wage, not forcing any persons to work and not asking people to work more than 60 hours per week. We strongly believe in fair treatment for all and we do not tolerate any form of discrimination or bullying.


Sustainable progress

We will always listen to new technologies, changing scientific evidence and customer concerns and expectations in the development and implementation of new social and environmental policies and procedures. We are committed to improving our performance and as part of our EMS we will continually monitor our performance, set objectives and report on our progress.


Environment and sourcing

All of our processes meet the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. We will take all reasonable steps to minimise our environmental impact and to promote good environmental practice. We will set and follow high standards in production, quality and safety. We will regularly review our business practices and performance to identify how we can improve our energy efficiency, reduce our carbon emissions, and minimise our waste and reduce our water consumption. We will work in conjunction with suppliers to help them minimise the amount of packaging used on the materials/goods we purchase and give preference to suppliers using recyclable materials.



We will conduct our business relationships with integrity and courtesy, and honour our trading commitments. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and give preference to local companies. We are committed to trading fairly with all our suppliers, and will communicate our responsible sourcing expectations to them in the areas of health, safety, worker welfare, and good environmental practice.



We will endeavour to take into account the concerns of the wider community in which we operate. We will use our expertise to contribute to the wellbeing of the community in a manner appropriate to our business objectives.



We actively educate our employees regarding our CSR policy and explain the ways in which they can help the company achieve its goals. We encourage our employees to gain new skills and support them in achieving nationally recognised qualifications. We will promote equality as differences in responsibilities permit and consider the interests of our employees including their welfare, health and safety. We aim to empower our employees and will recognise individual contributions and reward our employees fairly. Our ultimate aim is the happiness of our employees through their worthwhile and satisfying employment with a successful business.